Sydney Opera House

The majority of backpackers would agree that when you think of Sydney, the Opera house springs to mind. This iconic building attracts thousands of travellers each year and is a must see in Australia.


I was one of those many backpackers who arrived here and wanted to see the Sydney Opera house and it was definitely not a letdown.The Sydney Opera house is in a key location overlooking the city and opposite another iconic construction, which possibly gives the best view of the Opera House; the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Not only is this a beautiful place to visit by day but at night the place comes alive and you can dine harbour side at one of the many cafes and restaurants on the promenade which leads up to the Opera house. It’s also an ideal destination for a few cheeky afternoon drinks with friends or a romantic dinner for two.

My advice would be to walk along the western side towards the front of the building and turn around to look at the city skyline – one of my favourite views in Sydney!! Absolutely stunning!

Some people don’t realise that the Sydney opera house actually contains lots of smaller theatres and concert rooms where you can go and see a ballet, a play, a comedy act or prestigious ensembles like the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and the Australian Chamber Orchestra.

I’ve been to see everything from an African play, to a comedic show about Dungeons and Dragons, to a multimedia Sydney Symphony performance.

Most exciting is the Backstage Tour, which takes you behind the scenes to the dressing rooms, the orchestra pit and even on to the stage of the Concert Hall. And let me tell you, it’s pretty amazing to stand on stage in Sydney Opera House’s most magnificent room and gaze out into the massive audience – even if the seats are empty!Step inside the inspired theatres where more than 1600 performances come to life each year and is the busiest art performing centres in the world. It is home to 1000 rooms, 300 corridors and hundreds of tales and secrets. Whether you want to pop inside to see a performance, have a cocktail or take part on an incredible guided tour; the Sydney Opera house caters for all ages.

And don’t forget that Sydney Opera House is an opera house! If you ask me the best way to experience this Australian icon is to go and see a show. So stop looking at pictures and get down there! Sydney Opera House is definitely better in person, whether you like music, theatre, comedy or just amazing architecture.

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